Silk Press Hair in Rockville

Want your hair to feel light, silky, and smooth? Worried about the effects chemical relaxants can have on the state of your natural hair? We have a fast, affordable, and stunning solution for you!

Albertine Couture Hair Salon has been offering beautiful silk press hair treatments for years. Silk press hair or thermal press hair is a straightening procedure that works to protect your hair and maintain its natural curl pattern. This means that the moment you decide to revert to your natural hair, you can––it is that simple and easy!

If you’re looking for a straightening treatment that will allow your hair to maintain its natural health, silk press hair is a great option for you.

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The Talented Silk Press Hair Team at Albertine Couture Hair Salon

We take pride in being one of the few hair salons that does silk press in the Rockville area. Not only are our silk press hairstyles silky and stunning, but they are also conducted using expert techniques and the highest quality hair products to ensure that your natural hair remains healthy.

To keep your silk press hair in tip-top condition, our experts recommend the following:

  • Avoid water at all costs. Your straight hair will only last while it’s dry, so don’t get it wet!
  • Wrap up your locks in a satin or silk scarf to keep your hair soft and clean.
  • Don’t apply more heat to your hair—leave the flat ironing to us!

Trust Our Experts for Your Silk Press Hairstyles

Silk press hair is a quick and simple procedure that requires expert application.

Our team guarantees to:

  • Thoroughly wash and condition your locks.
  • Add a nutrient-rich leave-in conditioner to detangle your hair and protect it against heat.
  • Straighten your hair with a special silk press hair straightener that is very hot and allows for the hair to be passed over just once. The low-impact high-heat nature of this application is what keeps the risk of damaging your hair low.
  • Use hydrating hair products to maintain your hair health well into the future.

Booking an Appointment with Us for Silk Press Hair Is Easy

We offer all of our new clients a consultation before your appointment. The consultation allows us to look at your natural hair and curl pattern and decide what kind of moisturizing products will work best. A thorough consultation will help us to guarantee the health of your natural locks.

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Silk press hair will allow you to try a smooth hairdo while being able to go back to your natural style with a simple hair wash.

For a fast, affordable, and healthy hair straightening option, call us now at (301) 765-4915 and book your appointment.

We look forward to making your hair bounce and shine!