Dreadlocks in Germantown

Dreadlocks are a stylish and convenient way to wear your hair. No matter your hair texture or length, the professionals at Albertine Couture Hair Salon can find a way to give you the dreads of your dreams. With years of experience working with dreadlocks of all kinds, our stylists have the skills and expertise needed to apply happy and healthy locks to your head.

Are your current dreadlocks causing you trouble? We have you covered. We can also help you with dread repair.

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Albertine Couture Hair Salon’s Dreadlock Salon Team

All of our technicians have been working with dreadlocked hair for years and understand the careful care that goes into creating and maintaining healthy locks.

Depending on the natural texture and thickness of your hair there is a number of locking techniques that can be used. We work closely with clients to come up with a customized locking plan during our consultation process.

Our Dreadlock Techniques

There are a number of different styling techniques that we use such as:

  • Interlocking Dreadlocks - Interlocking dreads is the process of pulling the lock through itself from the bottom to the top in a repetitive pattern.
  • Back Combing - A method that helps the hair to stick together and lock.
  • Natural Methods - Using natural oils and palm rolling to promote the locking of your hair.

Damage and Dreadlock Repair

There are a number of different factors that may cause your dreadlocks to become damaged. If you are experiencing any of the following damage, our team can help you to repair your dreads and restore their natural health.

  • Dreads that are causing strain because they are too thick and heavy
  • Dreads that are coming loose - we can help to relock dreads!
  • Dreads that need to be hydrated
  • Dreads that are breaking off
  • Dreads that are connecting together

There are techniques that we can apply in the salon to repair damaged dreads, as well as at-home remedies that we can recommend to you.

Our Dreadlock Salon: Appointments and Consultations

Consultations are very important in the process of creating a dreaded look that promotes health and style. Before we can start locking your hair, we have to examine the state of your hair and its natural texture. From there, we will be able to choose a dreaded method that will create high-quality dreadlocks.

Appointments for comprehensive consultations can be made in person at our location, or over the phone. Bear in mind that consultations must be conducted before your appointment and that appointments may take anywhere from two to six hours to complete.

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