Sew-Ins in Gaithersburg

Bored with your hair? Looking for a long-term, drastic way to change up your look? Sew-in hair extensions might be the solution for you.

At Albertine Couture Hair Salon, we have been applying high-quality sew-in hair for years. With our trained team of stylists, high-end products, and the best application techniques in the business, we continue to be trusted to create stunning hair transformations.

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Albertine Couture Hair Salon is the Best Sew-In Hair Shop

It takes years to master the art of delicately sewing in hair. In order for your weave to look seamless, it must be applied with great care. All of our stylists have been working with weaves for years and are continuously trained on how to use the best new products and techniques.

The weave application process involves braiding the client’s natural hair into tight braids and then carefully using a needle and thread to sew individual hairpieces onto the client’s head. This can be done using individual welts or if the client prefers, a one-piece wig.

Weave application takes time, but our stylists will make sure you feel comfortable during the entire process.

Our Many Options for Sew-In Hair

At our hair weave shop, we predominately work with human hair extensions. Human hair is best because it looks and feels natural, especially since most clients keep their weaves for about one to two months.

Because human hair can be a bit pricey, we have also found some great synthetic and blended options which are high-quality and look fantastic.

Weave hair extensions tend to work very well on thick hair, that’s why sew-ins are a great option for people who have kinky and curly textures.

We also have a vast array of color and texture options, including curls and braids, so that you will be able to find the weave that perfectly suits the style and feel you are looking for.

Caring for Your Weave

After your weave application, it is important to properly care for your extensions and your scalp. We don’t want to forget about your natural hair care either.

Using a protein-rich shampoo will prevent damage and weakening of your natural hair. Moisturizing your scalp with a hydrating conditioner or oil at least once a week is also very important to the health of your head and hair.

Easy to Book Sew-In Appointments and Consultations

We want each and every one of our clients to fall head over heels for their new do. That’s why we always provide a comprehensive consultation to ensure that we are finding the weave hair that works for your style and your budget.

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