Dreadlocks in Gaithersburg

If you are looking for a team of technicians to help you out with all your dread locking needs, you have come to the right place. The experts at Albertine Couture Hair Salon can help you to repair and care for damaged dreads, or help you to achieve a dreaded look for the first time.

Our dreadlocks salon is one of the most sought-after in the area. Our expert techniques and close attention to detail have helped us to build our great reputation!

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Albertine Couture Hair Salon’s Dreadlocks Methods

There are a variety of different methods used to achieve a dreaded look depending on the thickness, length, and texture of your natural hair. At the salon, we use a number of techniques to help our clients achieve the locks of their dreams.

Our Dread Techniques

  • Interlocking Dreadlocks
  • Crocheting
  • Palm Rolling
  • Natural Locking Products
  • Backcombing
  • Extensions

Dread Care

Once your dreads are created it is important to take good care of them. Here are a few care practices to promote healthy dreads:

  • Use light hair products to avoid build-up at the scalp
  • Keep your hair clean
  • Cover your hair at night to reduce frizz
  • Try not to retwist your dreads too often to avoid strain
  • Let your dreads dry properly after the shower

Expert Dreadlock Repair

Dreadlocks can be temperamental, and it is easy to develop damage without intricate and regular care. Our stylists can help you to repair all kinds of damage including dreads that are too heavy, dreads that have come loose, dreads that are experiencing breakage, dreads that are irritating your head and dreads that require hydration.

Trust the Professionals at Our Dreadlock Salon

Our team will work alongside you closely to ensure that you are getting the dread care that you deserve. Although a dreaded look can be accomplished at home, it is best for the health of your hair to have it locked by a professional. We have the professional products and state-of-the-art techniques you need to achieve healthy and fantastic looking dreadlocks.

Simply stop by our location or give us a call to book your hair consultation. The consultation process is very important as it allows us to understand your hair, it’s natural texture and health, as well as the locking style you are trying to accomplish. From there, we can create a customized plan to give you the perfect dreads.

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With years of experience, quality products, and thorough consultations, we have everything you need to receive the best possible dreadlock care in the area.

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We look forward to promoting happy, healthy dreadlocks!